Faith Defeats Liberalism in Afghanistan

Faith Defeats Liberalism in Afghanistan

You know that we are not Islamists. We regard the Taliban as the followers of a false god, as well as a tenacious enemy who killed or maimed thousands of American and British troops after our governments invaded their country and sent our boys and girls to do their dirty work in a place where Westerners have no business interfering.

But neither are we liberals. So we will not be joining the wailing about how terrible the Taliban takeover is on account of the fact that there will be no LGTBQ 'rights' in Afghanistan, or that feminist agitators will be jailed or shot. We won't even be joining the squawking about 'wimmins rights'. We wouldn't want to see our women forced to dress up as giant black crows, but what the Afghans do in Afghanistan is absolutely nothing to do with us. As moral choices go it certainly beats the way the controlled media in the West constantly sexualise little girls and encourage them to dress and behave like whores.

In any case, all the women's rights in Afghanistan aren't worth the bones of one more American Marine or British Grenadier. We should never have been there in the first place, and we wouldn't have been if various vested interests hadn't lied us into invading the place for their own energy pipeline and geopolitical agendas.

Remember above all that every one of the men named as the 9/11 attackers was Saudi Arabian. They were citizens of a country to which the USA continues to send vast amounts of military aid, of a country which continues to fund the growth of radical Islamism all over the planet. If you think that Islamisation is a real threat - and it is, though not the only one  - then you should worry about oil rich Saudi Arabia, and not impoverished Afghanistan.

Furthermore, when the Taliban were last in power, not only did they never make any sort of hostile move towards any Western nation, they also stamped out the growing of heroin poppies. That lethal industry and trade was only revived under the CIA puppet regime which has just been overthrown. And good riddance to them!

40 million Afghans, inspired by their love of their false god, of their wild country and their traditions and freedoms, have now defeated not only godless Soviet Communism, but also the godless global liberal Empire. The scenes we are watching in Afghanistan right now could mark the final collapse of the prestige and world power of the evil force that turned the great nation of America into a force for global greed.

This is not a defeat for America or Britain, our soldiers fought and defeated the Taliban fair and square. But it is a massive defeat for the wicked forces which sent our boys and girls into that unjust, unnecessary and counter-productive war in the first place. It is a massive defeat for the warmongers and liberal bigots who thought they could use bluster and superior military technology to enforce the will of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, and triumphalist homosexualism, on every last nation in the world.

It is also a stunning blow to Fake President Biden, who will take the blame for a retreat ten times as ignominious as the collapse of South Vietnam. Because while it is right that 'our' military left Afghanistan, it is very wrong that they did so in such a shambolic fashion, and that they left such vast amounts of hardware to fall into the hands of the very people our abused troops have been fighting so bravely for twenty years.

Perhaps there's a plan for that. Perhaps the Pentagon planners hope that the weaponry will be handed or sold to Islamist rebels in China or Russia, just as the weapons they allowed to fall into the hands of ISIS in Iraq were promptly turned on Syria. If so, it's liable to be yet another of their too-clever-by-half plans which ends up blowing up in their faces.

What now? It's time to be practical. The Taliban won their long war. They should be recognised as the legitimate government and efforts be made to find areas of common interest. In particular, Western powers should do everything possible to help them smash heroin production once more. Buying poppy juice at a fair price to help bring down the price of proper medical opioids would be a good place to start.

Above all, those who love our true God, and who treasure our traditions and values, should take heart from the fact that a rag-tag army of peasants and idealistic students have finally defeated the forces of global unbelief and perversion. If they can do it, then so can we. And at least, next 'Pride' Month, there will be one capital where a US Embassy won't be mocking God by flying His stolen rainbow in honour of Sodomites!