Fake ‘Conservatives’ Push LGBTQ On Schoolkids

Fake ‘Conservatives’ Push LGBTQ On Schoolkids

Britain’s fake ‘conservative’ government has made another bad move that exposes just how liberal the Boris Johnson regime really is.


Perhaps thinking that people are distracted by the upcoming UK general election, and worried by the distant possibility of a far-left Corbyn victory, they have sneakily changed their response to the new regulations on Relationships and Sex education on their website.

The Department of Education (DfE) guidelines used to say that there was no specific requirement for primary schools to introduce LGBT content, but this sentence has been removed. It has been replaced with a DfE statement that primary schools are “strongly” encouraged and enabled to introduce LGBT content.

The DfE website was quietly updated with this change, which was not announced to the general public, on Tuesday 5th November, the day before Parliament was dissolved and the last day on which the government was allowed to communicate policy decisions. The new ‘guidelines’ make it almost impossible for primary schools to opt-out of teaching LGBT content to young children.

With what appears at first glance to be just a minor revision, the Department for Education is in fact allowing well-funded LGBTQ+ lobby groups to promote their disgusting propaganda in schools. While we have to hope that Britain’s voters do indeed reject Corbyn and the anti-Democratic ‘Remain’ parties, don’t be under any illusion:

A victory for Johnson may indeed been that a Brexit of a sort will finally be delivered, but those who wanted to leave the EU in the hope of restoring the old Great Britain are going to be bitterly disappointed.

Ultra-liberal economic policies, a further wave of smash-and-grab privatisations and continued waves of mass immigration – Brits are going to get them all, alongside LGBTQ+ madness and perversion being pushed forcibly into every possible part of their lives.