False Shepherd Declares Abortion an Act of Grace

False Shepherd Declares Abortion an Act of Grace

When practicing Satanists openly talk of abortion being a ‘sacrament’, the determination of all Christians to oppose this ghastly sacrifice to Satan should be renewed a hundred-fold. And it makes it even more appalling for a so-called Christian minister to support abortion.

So it is particularly shocking to hear a Presbyterian pastor defend abortion as a “blessing” during a sermon, declaring that she “felt no guilt, no shame, no sin” about her own two abortions.

Dr. Rebecca Todd, author of “Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice,” denounced pro-lifers for their humanisation of the unborn and brazenly declared abortion to be a “moral good” during a service at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Chapel Hill in North Carolina.

Todd accused “primarily Catholics and Evangelical Christians” of “shaping a fictional narrative that frames and controls how we all think and feel about abortion,” which she referred to as the “abortion imaginary.”

“This imaginary has colonized our minds traumatizing many people with its toxic theology and shaping a culture of stigma and shame that has silenced millions of women and people who have had abortions,” Todd said.

It is irrefutable that the unborn are human beings genetically distinct from their mothers, as double-homicide laws on the murder of pregnant women acknowledge. The absurdity of the argument that babies are persons worthy of human rights only once they pass through the birth canal has been ridiculed by pro-life activists like Laura Klassen.

Moreover, as former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino has demonstrated in various hard-hitting videos which the Life League has helped popularise, abortions are gruesomely brutal. He shows, with animated depictions, how babies with already-formed hearts, fingers, and toes are sucked out of their wombs and torn to pieces in the process, in aspiration abortions, the most common method of abortion.

Levatino also describes and shows how in dismemberment, or D&E abortions — the most common form of abortion during the second trimester — unborn children are torn apart one limb at a time.

Todd not only fails to address the basis for her belief that the unborn aren’t human persons as well as what abortion actually entails but, incredibly, goes on to recite Psalm 139 in an attempt to claim it should not be a Scriptural condemnation of abortion for Christians.

“For it was you who formed my inward parts. You knit me together in my mother’s womb,” read Todd, using an English Standard Version (ESV) translation of the psalm.

She proceeded to “appreciate the lyrical beauty” of the psalm, going on to declare, “As a woman who has borne two children, I can affirm that I felt something sacred happening in my gestating body during those pregnancies.”

“I can also attest that I felt God’s presence with me as I made the decision to end two pregnancies. And I felt no guilt, no shame, no sin,” she shamelessly confessed.

The pastor concluded that pro-abortion activists need to counter pro-life language with their own rosy descriptions of abortion: “The statement ‘abortion is health care’ is right and true … please don’t stop saying this. But we also need to say abortion is a blessing, abortion is an act of love, abortion is a moral good, abortion is an act of grace.”

Woe to such false shepherds!