Asylum seeker admits raping teen because he 'felt like it'

Asylum seeker admits raping teen because he 'felt like it'

A convicted paedophile asylum seeker has admitted to raping a 19-year-old woman on a train because 'he felt like it', a court heard.

Sefatullah S., 30, approached a young woman who had fallen asleep on an ICE train going from German city Stuttgart to Ulm. The shocked victim woke up to find him orally raping her, the court in Stuttgart heard.

Prosecutors told how the 19-year-old woman was sleeping with her head resting on a table when her attacker struck at 3.45am on August 7 last year.

The defendant, reportedly an Afghan refugee, admitted the rape, telling the court: 'I felt like it, so I did it'.

Sefatullah S., who has 11 siblings, has previous convictions for 'sexual crimes to the detriment of children', according to German tabloid Bild.

The refugee, who can neither read nor write, arrived in Germany in 2015, blew his state handouts on booze and drugs while he lived rent-free in a refugee flat, the court heard.

He said during the trial: 'I use my welfare money to buy whisky and cannabis.'

The 30-year-old accused also dismissed the process at Stuttgart District Court as 'blah blah', local media reported.

Sefatullah S. was in custody for three months before he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital in Ravensburg claiming he hears 'voices'.

Police told the court that he had refused to take up a place in a programme to control sexual re-offenders.

Presiding Judge Jasmin Neher-Klein, 63, and her colleagues are due to deliver a verdict on February 7.

There has been no information available on the status of his asylum application.