Frankenfoods War on Meat

Frankenfoods War on Meat

The lies are coming thick and fast now. 'Cow farts are over-heating the planet'. 'Livestock farming helps incubate pandemics'. 'We need to give up meat to avoid famine'. All this propaganda is heading in one direction: The same global elite which wants to replace private enterprise and work with Universal Benefits handouts and slavery also intends to make eating real meat something that can only be enjoyed by the super-rich.

Britain's Guardian newspaper calls itself 'the world's leading liberal voice', so it's ahead of the curve in telling us what the liberals have got in mind.  So we need to take note of what it told us on 8th January this year in an article headed "'Let's get rid of friggin' cows says creator of plant-based 'bleeding burger'.

It profiles Patrick Brown, who wants "to eradicate the meat and fish industries by 2035. The CEO of Impossible Foods, a California-based company that makes genetically engineered plant-based meat, is deadly serious. No more commercial livestock farming or fishing. No more steak, fish and chips or roast dinners, at least not as you know them. In their place, his company’s scientists and food technicians will create plant-based substitutes for every animal product used today in every region of the world, he promises."

“I want to put the animal agriculture industry out of business. It’s that simple. The goal is not because I have any ill will toward the people who work in that industry, but because it is the most destructive industry on Earth,” Brown says. "Cows outweigh every remaining wild vertebrate on land by more than a factor of 10. Just the cows. We’ve literally totally replaced biodiversity with cows. Let’s get rid of friggin’ cows and let nature recover,” he rants.

The former Stanford University biochemistry professor started Impossible Foods in 2011 after a sabbatical researching intensive farming. The company has since attracted nearly $1.3bn (£960m) in investment. The Silicon Valley firm’s flagship Impossible Burger is on sale at thousands of restaurants in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore, including around 7,000 Burger King chains, and the company has branched out into supermarkets during the pandemic.

As part of his Brown's insane vision of the future, the 45% of the land surface of the Earth reserved for animal agriculture would be returned to nature. The Biblical injunction to have dominion over nature would be deliberately flouted. Livestock, claims Brown, are a “prehistoric food production technology”. 

Impossible Foods uses genetically modified ingredients to replicate the texture, taste and sensations of eating meat. Soy leghemoglobin – known as heme – produced by genetically modified yeast, is the key to replicating the “meaty” taste. 

While soft-in-the-head liberals may think it all sounds wonderful, a moment's serious thought allows reality to shine through the propaganda fog:

Following Brown's plan would switch the whole of humanity from getting most of its protein from local farmers and fishermen to relying on a handful of giant global corporations and a massively complex and vulnerable supply chain;

The end of livestock farming would mean the elimination of vast numbers of animals, the destruction of many of our most cherished cultural traditions. Whole breeds would be exterminated and much of our past and our heritage would be thrown away for ever;

The loss of animal manure would complete the transition from traditional, truly sustainable farmland to a global agri-business in which natural fertilisers which are also vital to healthy soil structure would be replaced by artificial chemicals. Here too, a handful of global corporations would reap the profits - at least until disaster struck;

Millions upon millions of hard-working families would have their way of life and livelihoods destroyed. The imposition of a livestock ban would involve the worst infringement of freedom and property rights since the collectivisation of land under Communist regimes which went on to preside over the most deadly famines in all of human history.

The real problem, however, is that Patrick Brown is not one lone greedy businessman looking for an angle to turn his over-priced, unnatural product from a niche for cranks into a vastly profitable global monopoly. For his hostility to livestock farming and to meat is shared by the whole World Economic Forum crime syndicate. The people who have used coronavirus to grab power and wealth on an unimaginable scale, and they have scarcely even got into their stride yet.

By establishing the precedent of destroying every last one of millions of mink in Danish fur farms, on the grounds that they were carrying covid-19, the elite have already staked their claim to the 'right' to close down and wipe out any other farming business they decide to target. Of course, they couldn't get away with it yet, but once Joe Biden has forced the hole of America to wear masks and accept lockdown for (an initial) 100 days, and once the WEF puppet regimes in Britain and Europe have tightened their lockdowns to Wuhan levels, they will be ready to roll out the next stages of the Great Reset. The war on farmers and on meat is just part of that plan. You have been warned!