From Covid to Ukraine - radio show

From Covid to Ukraine - radio show

Another popular online radio show has just published an in-depth interview with Templar Report co-host Nick Griffin. ACH show host Andrew Carrington-Hitchcock is a skilful and very well-informed presenter, who always brings out the best in his guests, and this show is really excellent.

In “From Covid To Ukraine", the pair discuss: why the Elites moved from the Covid narrative to the Ukraine narrative; the World Economic Forum’s “Operation Cyber Polygon” that they wargamed last year; the prospects of the Ukrainian refugee crisis in the West; Russia’s elegant solution for protecting their currency; the end of the petrodollar; the torture of Russian prisoners of war; the balkanization of America and the end of liberalism; statistical proof that the lockdowns did not work; and many other topics.

Make time to listen to this hard-hitting and fact-filled hour of dissident Christian radio. And please share the link far and wide. Let's build the case against the warmongers!

Don't worry, the link isn't broken, but you WILL need to cut and paste into your browser.