Gab Working on Paypal Alternative

Gab Working on Paypal Alternative

"The Lord helps those who help themselves", goes the very apt old saying. Well, let us pray that it comes true in the case of the latest innovative effort by the team behind free speech Twitter alternative Gab.

Gab was banned from Paypal in 2018 along with many other payment processors including Stripe, Square, Coinbase, and more. The patriotic platform was even banned from accepting Visa and Mastercard despite operating a fully legal American business that sells software services and merchandise like hats, mugs, and shirts. The operation managed to survive with cheques and bitcoin, but it was far from ideal.

So Gab's far-sighted and committed Christian founder, Andrew Torba, set about creating an alternative payments system.

Torba explained more about his decision in a recent email to Gab users: "Businesses, venues, sports teams, employers, and even our own federal government are all moving towards forcing people to choose between living and working in the existing economic system or being cast out for refusing to inject an experimental substance into their bodies.

"Choosing between feeding your family and retaining your bodily autonomy while remaining true to your religious convictions shouldn’t be a choice any human being has to make. It’s evil, it’s wrong, and you should be speaking boldly against it.

"If they want us out of their system, then so be it: we will build our own. Now is the time to stand up tall and walk away from this chaos. With our dignity and self-respect in hand we will work together to forge a new path forward that secures a future of freedom for our children."

The result was a plan to create GabPay, a Paypal alternative in the fight against the tyranny of the global elites.

Andrew Torba's latest email explains the current state of play: "At the moment we are jumping through a lot of legal and regulatory hoops, but things are moving quickly. Building your own Paypal is not as simple as “build the software and ship it.” The software side for GabPay is actually done already and works great. It’s the red tape that takes time.

"We are waiting on the lawyers to do their thing and aiming for a launch by end of the year, but I just want you all to know that something is actually being done about this madness.

Having done exactly the same in regard to creating PurgedTV to enable Christian patriots to circumvent liberal censorship on YouTube, the Templars are particularly appreciative of this Gab initiative.

If you want to help fund the effort to build GabPay you can upgrade to GabPRO for 15 bucks a month or make a purchase/donation on the Gab Shop. An early version of GabPay is being tested out on the PRO upgrade system and Shop, so you can take an early look at it there if you decide to make a purchase. 

Although GabPay still has difficult regulatory hurdles to overcome, this initiative is the most promising effort so far in the long overdue push to end the PayPal/Stripe liberal stranglehold on online commerce. Mr. Torba deserves our appreciation, prayers and practical support as he strives to achieve with online payments what he has already succeeded at with Gab. God bless him!