Gaza Aid Workers Killing Exposes REAL Racism

Gaza Aid Workers Killing Exposes REAL Racism

The political and media liberal elite are always quick to scream "racist" at anyone who dares to oppose their mass immigration and Great Replacement operation. But who are the REAL racists?

For nearly five months, the Israeli military have been killing hundreds of civilians - many of them children and babies - every single day. The total is now well over 30,000. Throughout that time, the mainstream media have continually made excuses for this unbelievable over-reaction and disproportionate slaughter. Meanwhile, the political elite of the entire Western world have continued supplying bombs and missiles to Israel to help keep the butchery going at an industrial pace.

But when just SEVEN Westerners are killed, they all go berserk! The media are screaming "slaughter" and the politicians are talking about an arms embargo.

Now, don't get us wrong. The deliberate and repeated targeting of the World Central Kitchen volunteers - including three Brits - is an appalling war crime. The 'triple tap' killings cannot possibly have been an 'accident'. But it is only a continuation of the pattern of appalling war crimes carried out by the IDF throughout this conflict

So what's the difference? Are seven innocent aid workers really so much more important than 30,000 innocent Palestinian civilians? And yet the MSM and politicians call other people "racist"?