The LGBTQ+ Agenda: Court convicts Priest for speaking out

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The LGBTQ+ Agenda: Court convicts Priest for speaking out

A Polish priest has been convicted by a German court for speaking out against the homosexual 'lavender mafia' and sexual abuse within the Church.

Fr. Dariusz Oko was accused of 'incitement to hatred' for an article condemning predatory himosexual clergy, published in the journal Theologisches. 

The serious and measured piece highlighted cases of abuse by homosexual priests and bishops. Fr. OK detailed how what he describes as 'homoclans' operate within the Church.

As if to illustrate his point further, a complaint was made against him by a priest who has held high-profile same sex 'blessing' ceremonies despite having been involved in a massive child-porn scandal when he was Deputy Director at an Austrian seminary.

The complaint by Fr. Wolfgang Rothe led to Cologne District Court convicting Fr. Oko and sentencing him to pay a 4,800 euro fine or spend 120 days in prison.

Fr. Oko, who wrote a book 'With the Pope Against the Homoheresy' in 2012, has launched an appeal.



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