Germany bans killing chick embryos, still allows abortion of humans

Germany bans killing chick embryos, still allows abortion of humans

The German legislature recently passed a law forbidding the killing of six-day old chick embryos since they are “sensitive to pain,” as well as the killing chicks because of their sex. Meanwhile, human babies are legally tortured and murdered in the womb in Germany and most other countries in the world through abortion.

In 2020, German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner initiated a bill banning the killing of male chicks. This would affect 45 million male chicks that are killed yearly in German laying hen farming, since male chicks cannot lay eggs or produce enough meat quickly enough to be fattened and slaughtered.

German legislators have decided that, beginning in 2022, killing male chicks will be forbidden since chick embryos are “sensitive to pain from the seventh day.” Therefore, farms will be required to use methods to determine the sex of the chicks before they hatch so they can be removed from the brood.

Furthermore, beginning in 2024, methods will need to be used to determine the sex of the chick embryo at an even earlier age so that they can be eliminated while in a less developed stage, thereby ensuring that the chick embryos do not feel any pain. Klöckner said that with the approval of this law, “We are pioneers worldwide.”

David Engels, Chair for Roman History at the University of Brussels, tweeted sarcastically, “When the chicken embryo enjoys more [protection of life] than the human embryo, you know you’ve arrived at the best Europe ever.”

In Germany, unborn human babies can be killed through abortion for any reason up to 12 weeks after conception, when the mother is at the end of her first trimester. For other reasons, abortions are allowed even later during pregnancy.

At eight to nine weeks, unborn babies have developed eyelids, and hair has begun to appear. By the ninth and tenth weeks, the baby can do somersaults, jump, squint against light, frown, and swallow. Around weeks 11 and 12, the baby’s anatomy becomes clearly male or female. The face has a definite form and unique characteristics, and taste buds have emerged.

Evidence shows that unborn babies can feel sensations beginning at 12 weeks. Abortions at this time result in excruciating pain for the babies as they are ripped from their mothers’ wombs.