Go On, Mr President – Just Do It!

Donald Trump is right to keep hammering the Big Tech for their anti-conservative bias. And now it’s time for action to top off his very accurate words.

The bias of Google and literally ALL major Social Media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google) can only be described as criminal at this point. President Trump is aware of the situation and be it by Executive Order, through the FCC and/or Congress he will see that the censorship, bias, shadow banning and denial of essential modern business services ends.

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This is absolutely election interference as the heads of these platforms are hell bent upon influencing the USA’s mid-term elections as a step on the road to having a Democrat-run Capitol move to impeach the President and destroy American democracy.

Yes, folks, that’s what’s at stake. Pray the President knows it – and acts decisively to stop it and to restore and preserve freedom! 


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