Welsh government paid band Goldie Lookin Chain £7,000 for pro-covid jab "song"

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Welsh government paid band Goldie Lookin Chain £7,000 for pro-covid jab "song"

A foul-mouthed rap band was paid £7,000 of taxpayers money to write a song encouraging fans to get the Covid vaccine.

The Labour-run Welsh Government handed out 'cash for rap' to members of Goldie Lookin Chain - best known for songs like Guns Don't Kill People (Rappers Do) and Your Mother's got a Penis.

The Newport-based hip-hop rappers released their new single called 'Get The Jab Done' last month after getting the public cash.

And it has been revealed that Government officials approved the lyrics written by the comedy rappers also know for their album 'Safe as F***'.

The band said they wrote it after being fully vaccinated by the Welsh NHS and were 'keen to highlight how getting the life-saving jab is easy and safe.'

The music video was filmed in a number of locations, including the Welsh Government's press room in the centre of Cardiff.

A Freedom of Information request show the Welsh government spent a total of £31,789 on what it described as 'partnership activity' with the band.

Around £7,000 went to the rappers themselves to cover script writing, performance, filming, social media publication, media interviews and the right to use the videos on government channels.

In the FOI response, it said the aim of the song was to reach people who don't normally engage with mass media or government campaigns to encourage them to get vaccinated.

Although the government said it had final approval on the song's lyrics, the words were written by band members themselves.


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