Google's AI hates white men

Google's AI hates white men

Google has faced widespread backlash for their AI Gemini's seeming unwillingness to generate images of white people via its chatbot, forcing the tech giant to remove their Gemini development.

Google senior vice president Prabhakar Raghavan apologised for the error and said it "wasn’t what we intended" for Gemini.

He added: "We did not want Gemini to refuse to create images of any particular group. And we did not want it to create inaccurate historical images."

Social media users have posted numerous examples of Gemini’s image generator depicting historical figures – including popes, the founding fathers of the US and Vikings – in a variety of ethnicities and genders.

After going viral for their huge mistake, Google admitted that the Gemini development team had "got it wrong".

In a more sinister error of Gemini, it has been claimed that the AI chatbot "refused to condemn" certain moral issues, including sexual moral issues.

Google DeepMind’s chief executive, Demis Hassabis, said this week that a “well-intended feature” in Gemini, designed to produce diversity in its images of humans, had been deployed “too bluntly”.