Great Reset Resistance - Another Radio Show

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Great Reset Resistance - Another Radio Show

“Deus Vult II – The Great Reset Resistance: Part 2.” In this show, originally broadcast on July 15 2021, host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Andy is joined by Nick Griffin.

They discuss: the early Christian Martyrs and how martyrdom created Christianity; Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs and the importance of this; how our job is to safeguard our faith for the generations to come; why America is now an occupied country; how the Bible will go underground; the dispensationalist heresy; why “The Great Reset” is doomed to failure; the wisdom of Archbishop Vigano; Etienne de la Boetie’s vivid picture of tyranny and how we can defend ourselves against it; America’s looming financial crisis; Christian birthrates vs. Liberal birthrates; how money is not the root of all evil, the love of it is; why cryptocurrency is a very large part of the resistance to The Great Reset; what is to be done; and many other topics.


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