Great Song From South Africa [video]

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Great Song From South Africa [video]

Just a few short years before WW1, the Boer War saw the might of the British Empire thrown against the tiny Boer Republics in South Africa. In their effort to grab control of diamonds, gold and land, the Powers That Were in London launched what as to become a genocidal attack on the Dutch-speaking free farmers.

When the Boer guerrilla resistance fought the British Army to a standstill, the aggressors introduced a policy of rounding up Boer non-combatants into the world's first 'concentration camps'. A high proportion of the women and children held in them died of disease and malnutrition as a result. An estimated 22,000 of these innocent victims died in one of the genuinely evil deeds of British imperialism.


This great song by Bok van Blerk has been very controversial in South Africa. As the British tried to do a hundred years ago, the black majority government is now trying to suppress the Afrikaner nation's culture - and in fact all traces of their history. Public funding is being withdrawn from Afrikaner monuments, even though Afrikaners contribute more than their share to tax income. Millions are being spent on changing the names of towns, streets etc. while little is done to maintain infrastructure. The new generation of Afrikaners had nothing to do with Apartheid, yet they are faced with a bleak future, suffering under racial discrimination in the form of so-called affirmative action. 

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