Guns and vendettas in Chechnya

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Guns and vendettas in Chechnya

While the liberal West goes flat out to feminise its young men, other peoples still hold by the traditions of their forebears and pride themselves on raising boys to be men.

According to ancient Caucasian custom, a blood feud is considered a severe punishment for the most serious crimes, like murder, rape or kidnapping. Even after many years, a victim’s family can take revenge on a killer and his family to defend the honour of the clan! Heaven only knows what THEY would do to a gang of foreigners who set about grooming and raping THEIR daughters!

The local government is trying to bring an end to the blood feuds, as this fascinating documentary explains. As you watch it, ponder the question of where a true and moral balance would be found somewhere between the pathetic passivity of ‘men’ in the soft and decadent West, and the hyper-aggressive clan system that still dominates the Caucasus.

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