Gutter Press? Sewer Press!

Gutter Press? Sewer Press!

If you thought the CBS Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry – broadcast as Prince Phillip was desperately sick in hospital - was in bad taste, remember the even worse behaviour of the TV network over Princess Diana.

In a rare show of decency, the world’s media held back from publishing images of Diana as she lay dying in the back of the crashed car in Paris in 1997. But one muck-raking TV channel broke ranks and released the pictures – despite pleas to consider the feelings of her two young sons and family.

That network was CBS, something which makes Harry’s willingness to let his gold-digging wife sell their whining story to the same channel deeply shocking.

Even worse is the fact that the producer responsible for the sick Diana pictures is now head of CBS News. Susan Zirinsky (below) worked on CBS's 48 Hours Investigates when it screened the images of the dying Princess. Ms Zirinsky takes pride in her lack of decency and scruples. Describing herself in 2002, she said: 'I'm not a girly girl. I'm a hard news harlot at heart.'

Prince Harry had previously spoken of how hard he finds it to come to terms with the behaviour of photographers who took pictures of his injured mother.

Susan Zirinsky (pictured) worked on CBS¿s 48 Hours Investigates in 2004 when it screened two images of an unconscious Diana slumped in the back of a car after the crash in Paris in 1997. The 69-year-old is now head of CBS News, one of the network¿s most powerful jobs