Ham Radio Resistance VIDEO

Ham Radio Resistance VIDEO

Everywhere you look there are signs of the totalitarian clampdown. From FBI intimidation raids to the Dems' gun-grab plots, from online censorship to forcing patriots out of the military, the portents are there.

The forces of resistance number many millions, but we have one ENORMOUS weakness: We rely, 99.9%, on communications networks owned and run by the enemy. Even free speech such as Gab only exist because of internet connections which could be switched off at any time. And, make no mistake, they will be, the moment the liberal elite feel the need.

That's why amateur radio networks are so important - and why it's VITAL for resisters, patriots and bible-true Christians to establish their own or to get involved with existing ham radio groups. When the trouble really starts, the purged military, bought-and-paid-for cops, and even Antifa and BLM gangs, will all be commed up. While most people on our side will be deaf and blind to anything and everything going on outside of their own immediate vicinity.

Patriots need to act to close this huge and potentially deadly technological gap NOW! Please share and spread this message, because it's REALLY IMPORTANT!