Hidden Templar: The Robots Are Coming

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Hidden Templar: The Robots Are Coming

If you were a child of the sixties or seventies you’ll surely remember the promises back then, that robots would soon be everywhere.

But while many large factories have indeed been automated since then, real, independently mobile robots have pretty much been confined to Star Wars films even up until today. But, finally, that really is changing. Robots, automation and various levels of Artificial Intelligence are already doing far more – and taking far more jobs – than was remotely possible just a few years ago. And level-headed analysts and economists are warning that the process is poised to decimate white as well as blue collar job prospects.

From MacDonald's self-service screens to cleaning hospitals and fruit-picking, human jobs are set to vanish on a scale not seen since the spinning jenny turned skilled hand-loom weavers into half-starved drudges in the Dark Satanic Mills of the first Industrial Revolution.


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