Britain’s largest abortion provider hijacks Mother’s Day

Britain’s largest abortion provider hijacks Mother’s Day

The largest abortion provider in the UK has attempted to hijack mother’s day by encouraging supporters to “celebrate” those who end the lives of unborn children through abortion.

Over the weekend, while most people in Britain would have been celebrating Mother’s Day, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the largest abortion provider in Britain, published a post on X (formerly Twitter) in celebration of “Abortion Providers Appreciation Day”.

Written across a large blue heart with the words ‘Some heroes wear scrubs’, they posted: “We want to celebrate all the amazing people providing safe abortions every single day”.

“Join us in thanking them for supporting women who wish to end their own pregnancy”.

X users did not react well to the post with one user describing it as “truly tone-deaf” and another saying “On Mothering Sunday, how despicable”.

BPAS has previously campaigned for abortion to be made legal up until the point of birth and has been explicit that it is campaigning to remove all gestational time limits for abortion. This position was affirmed by its then CEO, Ann Furedi, who, at the launch of the campaign to ‘decriminalise’ abortion stated, “I want to be very, very clear and blunt … there should be no legal upper limit”.

According to its Annual Quality Report 2022/23, BPAS was responsible for 110,719 abortions in England and Wales, up 19% from the previous year.

It will come as a surprise to no-one that such a sordid organisation would do something so twisted as to celebrate those who end the lives of unborn babies. It is however, made even worse by their doing so on Mother’s Day.