Hilarious: "Not Everyone Thinks Exactly the Same As You Do" Support Group

When former director of the BBC Mark Thomson admitted the corporation had “a left-wing bias,” the “revelation” was met with yawns and shrugs by Conservatives throughout the land (as if we did not know.)

What was shocking was the admission itself. That such a major figure was willing to break ranks shocked his liberal colleges and sent the liberal intelligentsia into hysterics.

But something strange has been happening over at the BBC production studios as of late. BBC bites have released two short videos mocking the sensitivity of the snowflake generation.

Their latest and hilarious video takes a swipe at the whiny Europhiles…


Maybe the BBC have learnt their lesson as well and concluded not everyone has the luxury of thinking like a liberal; some people have to live in the real world? Maybe they are trying to stave off criticism from the right-wing? Maybe they have been infiltrated by Patriots and Brexiteers?

Whatever the answer, we just hope they keep producing more of it…

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