Hitler’s Frenzy of Anti-Slavic Hatred

Hitler’s Frenzy of Anti-Slavic Hatred

The historical truth is that probably only Adolf Hitler could have invaded Bolshevik Russia and – through his hysterical hatred of the Slavs – have united the Russians around their Communist leadership.

A huge proportion of people on the ‘far-right’ nowadays admire Russia and Vladimir Putin for defending Christianity and genuinely moderate values in Syria from the brutal assaults of Western-backed Islamists. The thankfully much smaller number who do so while simultaneously harbouring the mistaken belief that Hitler was anything other than a rabid petty xenophobe, need to take a few minutes to look at the reality of Hitler’s brutal anti-white racism.

The following quotes are taken from Hitler’s Table Talk, a work which compiled his utterances made throughout the war period and maintained by Martin Bormann. We might endorse the quip of the German SS General, ‘Panzer Mayer’, who said: “whoever wrote this should be sent to a concentration camp”  when referring to the widely distributed ‘Nazi Slav sub human’ pamphlet, Untermensch.

5 July 41: “By instinct, the Russian does not incline towards a higher form of society.. It is so easy for an animal to go back to its origins! For the Russians the return to the state of nature is a return to primitive forms of life. The family exists, the female looks after her children, like the female of the rabbits..”

27 July 41: “We will take the southern Ukraine, especially the Crimea, and make it an exclusively Germany colony. There will be no harm in pushing out the population there now.. The German colonists will live on handsome, spacious farms.. what exists 30 to 40 kilometers out will be another world, in which the Russian remnants will live..”

17 Sept 41: “The Slavs are a mass of born slaves, who feel the need of a master. The Russian space is our India! Like the English, we shall rule this empire with a handful of men. It would be a mistake to claim to educate the natives.. The Slav people are not destined to live a cleanly life.. It’s better not to teach them to read. Even to give them a locomotive to drive would be a mistake.. We’ll supply the Ukrainians with scarves, glass beads, and everything colonials like.”

25 Sept 41: “We’ll drive Asia back behind the Urals. No organised Russian state will be allowed to exist west of there.. they are brutes in a state of nature,”

17-18 Oct 41: “We’ll let the Russian towns fall to pieces – let them know just enough to understand our highway signs, so that they won’t get themselves run over by our vehicles! .. There is only duty: to Germanise this country by the immigration of Germans, and to look upon the natives as Redskins. I have no feelings about the idea of wiping out Kiev, Moscow or St. Petersburg.”

5 Nov 41: “In 2,000 years time, when they study the origin of the inhabitants of the Ukraine … they’ll (be) incapable of seeing that … we drove the aborigines into the Pripet marshes in order to install ourselves in the richer land.”

2 Aug 41: “America, even if she were to set furiously to work for four years, would not succeed in replacing the material that the Russian army has lost.”

5-6 Jan 42: “I’ll never believe that an American soldier can fight like a hero … The Russians never invent anything. All they have they’ve got from others … Destroy their factories, and the Russians can’t rebuild them and set them working …

5 Apr 42: “We must not commit the mistake of enlisting in the German Army foreigners who seem to us to be worthwhile fellows, unless they can prove that they’re utterly steeped in the idea of the Germanic Reich. I’m skeptical about the participation of all these foreign legions in our struggle on the Eastern Front. One mustn’t forget that unless he is convinced of his racial membership in the Germanic Reich, the foreign legionary is bound to feel he’s betraying his country.”

5 Apr 42: ” .. the Warsaw district and also the Lublin district should be peopled by Germans.. it should be possible to drive the Poles slowly back.. My long term policy aims at having eventually a hundred million Germans settled in these territories.. ”

11 Apr 42: “It will be the duty of our Commissars alone to supervise an direct the economy of the captured territories … an to every form of organisation there … To teach the Russians, Ukrainians, and the Kirghiz to read and write will eventually be to our own disadvantage … all the villages need is music, music, and plenty of it .. I absolutely forbid the organisation of any sort of hygiene or cleanliness crusades in the territories… the doctors in the German colonies will be solely for the German colonists … Dentistry, too, should remain a closed book to them … Let’s not have any native militias or police. German troops alone will maintain law an order throughout the occupied Russian territories.”

22 July 42: “In view of the extraordinary fertility of the local inhabitants, we should be only too pleased to encourage the women and the girls to practise contraception at all times. Far from prohibiting the sale of contraceptives, we should do our utmost to encourage it. We should call on the Jews for help! With their unrivalled sense of commerce, they are the very people for the job!

In all seriousness, however, there is a real danger that the inhabitants will increase too rapidly under our care and domination … No inoculations or other preventative measures for the natives! .. We must even try to stifle any desire for vaccinations and the like … the local population must be given no facilities for higher education … notices in Ukrainian saying “Beware of the Trains” are superfluous, what on earth does it matter if one or two more locals get run over by the trains? .. Russian and Ukrainian towns are not in any circumstances to be improved or made more habitable … Our ultimate object must be to build towns and villages exclusively for Germans and absolutely separate from Russian and Ukrainian towns.”

27 July 42: “The Russians have not that love of homeland which characterizes the German peasant … they are nomads … theirs is the wanderlust of a herd of beasts.”

6 Aug 42: “St. Petersburg must disappear utterly from the earth’s surface. Moscow, too. Then the Russians will retreat into Siberia .. As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs, we will mould the best of them as we see fit, and we will isolate the rest of them in their own pig-styes; and anyone who talks about cherishing the local inhabitants and civilising them, goes straight off into a concentration camp!”


Here we see Hitler call the Slavs an “inferior race” and lay the basis of an expansionist policy. Hitler also completed a Second Book (untitled) which drew out these themes into even sharper relief. 

“And so we National Socialists consciously draw a line beneath the foreign policy tendency of our pre-War period. We take up where we broke off six hundred years ago. We stop the endless German movement to the south and west, and turn our gaze towards the land in the east. At long last, we break off the colonial and commercial policy of the pre-War period and shift to the soil policy of the future.

If we speak of soil in Europe today, we can primarily have in mind only Russia and her vassal border states.

Here Fate itself seems desirous of giving us a sign. By handing Russia to Bolshevism, it robbed the Russian nation of that intelligentsia which previously brought about and guaranteed its existence as a state. For the organisation of a Russian state formation was not the result of the political abilities of the Slavs in Russia, but only a wonderful example of the state-forming efficacity of the German element in an inferior race. Numerous mighty empires on earth have been created in this way. Lower nations led by Germanic organisers and overlords have more than once grown to be mighty state formations and have endured as long as the racial nucleus of the creative state race maintained itself.

Impossible as it is for the Russian by himself to shake off the yoke of the Jew by his own resources, it is equally impossible for the Jew to maintain the mighty empire forever. He himself is no element of organisation, but a ferment of decomposition. The Persian (giant) empire in the east is ripe for collapse. And the end of Jewish rule in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a state. We have been chosen by Fate as witness of a catastrophe which will be the mightiest confirmation of the soundness of the folkish theory.

“… our aim in foreign policy.” “… an enlargement of our peoples’ living space in Europe.” “… we must see the solution of this problem … exclusively in the acquisition of a territory for settlement, which will enhance the area of the mother country, and hence not only keep the new settlers in the most intimate community with the land of their origin, but secure for the total area those advantages which lie in its unified magnitude”.



10 Aug 42: “The German nation has survived the great migrations, the Roman wars, the onslaughts of Huns, Magyars, and Mongols, the Thirty Years’ War, the campaigns of Frederick the Great and Napoleon – and it will no doubt survive even my rule!

6 Sept 42: “The concentration of effort in the defense of Stalingrad is a grave mistake on the part of the Russians. The victor in war is he who has .. a blind faith in Victory.” -Adolf Hitler

Hitler to Albert Speer, Nazi Armaments Minister: ‘If the war is to be lost, the nation will also perish … There is no need to consider the basis of even the most primitive existence any longer. On the contrary, it is better to destroy even that, and to destroy it ourselves. “The German people”, Hitler said “had proven themselves unworthy of him”, and must go down with him into the grave.

Hitler to Field Marshall Walther von Reichenau: “Losses can never be too high! They sow the seeds of future greatness!”

Goebbels to his aide-de-camp, Prince Schaumburg-Lippe: “You’ll think I’m crazy, but listen to me: Hitler will bring us to a catastrophe. But his ideas, once they have been transformed, will acquire a new strength. Hitler has enemies in the world who sense what he is really like …. What he is in the final analysis, I don’t know. Is he really human? I would not want to swear on it. There are times when he gives me the chills.”

Hitler: “I am following the way shown me by Providence with the confidence of a sleepwalker.”

Some Useful Commentaries

“The Decisive Battles of the Western World and their Influence Upon History. 1792-1944.” J.F.C. Fuller. 1954.

Chronicle 12: “… Russia is a mosaic of subjugated peoples who in 1940 were as violently opposed to the autocracy of their Bolshevik masters as previously they had been opposed to the autocracy of their Tsars. Had Hitler only appreciated what this meant, he would have offered the Ukrainians, Bielorussions (White Russians), Turkomans, and the other subjected peoples liberation from Soviet rule and unfettered autonomy. He would have decided to have advanced into Russia as a liberator, not a conquerer, and had he done so, he would have caused such an explosion that the U.S.S.R. would have disintergrated. It is true that this alone would not have given him the Lebensraum he sought; yet it is equally true that once the Soviet Imperium had been destroyed, he could have enforced his will on its shattered parts.” “… his barbarities towards the subjugated peoples as well as the Muscovites were not so much misplaced as mistimed; for they could only be profitable to him were they to follow the fall of the soviet regime. Because of this, they should have been rigorously excluded before the collapse. Although Hitler was as brutal as Lenin, he was less astute; while Lenin understood how to make brutality his servant, Hitler through sheer grossness of mind became its victim, and ultimately it strangled him.”

“Fundamentally,” Hitler said, “our policy is to cut the gigantic cake with skill, so that it can be first mastered, secondly administered, thirdly exploited … The Russians have now given an order for guerilla war behind our lines. This has its own advantage: it provides us with the opportunity to destroy whatever is against us … under no circumstances can anyone but Germans carry weapons. This is particularly important, for it is wrong to induce any subjected people into rendering us military assistance, even though it may appear more convenient at first sight … the whole Baltic area has to become Reich’s territory. The Crimea, too, has to be incorporated in the Reich, with possibly a large area to the north … the German Volga colony has to become a territory of the Reich, and similarly the area around Baku … The affiliation of Finland as a federal state has to be prepared,” and Leningrad is to be razed to the ground and handed over to the Finns … “Naturally, the vast territories have to be pacified as soon as possible; this can best be achieved by shooting everybody who shows a wry face.”

(“Russian World Ambitions and World Peace”, R. Ilnytzky (1953), pages 12 through 15, citing Nuremberg Documents in evidence at the trial before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 1945-1946. See also “Hitler, a Study in Tyranny”, Alan Bullock (1952), pages 633 through 644).

Erich Kern points out that at the time when Bolshevism was politically bankrupt, it was saved by Himmler and his assassins. “By rousing the Russian people to a Napoleonic fervour,” he writes, “we enabled the Bolsheviks to achieve a political consideration beyond their wildest dreams and provided their cause with the halo of a ‘patriotic war’ ” (“Dance of Death”, (English translation) 1948. Erich Kern. Page 108.) And Gorlitz writes: “The fact that the destruction of Bolshevism began soon to mean simply an effort to decimate and enslave the Slav people was the most fatal of all the flaws in the whole campaign.” (“The German General Staff”, Walter Gorlitz (1953), page 397).