Hitting Back At The BBC Bullies

Hitting Back At The BBC Bullies

Sick of being forced to pay for the privilege of crude brainwashing about everything from the evils of Brexit to the joys of multiculturalism, Brits are cancelling their TV licences in record and ever-growing numbers.


More than 860,000 TV licences were cancelled in 2017-18, up from 798,000 in 2016-17. It’s now more than 2,300 cancellations every single day.

Viewers are quitting paying for live TV in favour of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Now TV.

In March last year, 25.8 million licences were held.

But the ‘Netflix effect’ is leading viewers to abandon their BBC TV licenses entirely.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Now TV do not require any license.

A basic Netflix subscription costs £5.99 a month (about £72 a year).

An army of Twitter users showed their disapproval when the BBC announced their plan to bring the TV licence up by £4 starting from April Fool’s Day.

If you want to join the Peasants’ Revolt against the BBC’s PC brainwashing and arrogant demands for money with menaces, here’s the form you need to fill in: