Hoist With His Own Covid Petard

Hoist With His Own Covid Petard

Boris Johnson imposed misery on the entire population of Britain and financial disaster on hundreds of thousands of small businesses. The impact on the health of huge numbers of people denied medical check-ups, and on the mental development of a whole generation of children is only just beginning to be understood.

So even though 'Partygate' is largely a Remainer and Labour witch hunt, every British patriot must be happy to see "Boris the Liar" destroyed by his breaches of his own toxic lockdown rules.

The fact that he took no notice of lockdown regulations in his own life and surroundings only goes to show how phoney the whole thing was. Add that stinking hypocrisy to the fact that Johnson is also a shameless shill for Western involvement in the appalling Ukraine war, and the downfall of Johnson is both richly deserved and good for us all.

Johnson has been one of the most destructive and dishonest figures in UK politics for many years. The truth is that he should be in prison, not merely out of Parliament. But at least it's a start!