How Hungary Crushed the Mongols VIDEO

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How Hungary Crushed the Mongols VIDEO


In the thirteenth century, the Mongols achieved a string of virtually unbroken victories, gaining the largest contiguous land empire in history. In the 1240’s, they devastated Hungary, destroying the army of King Béla IV at the famous Battle of Mohi. This experience profoundly impacted the Hungarians, and caused them to fundamentally alter many aspects of their society, for they feared that the Mongols would one day return. As it turned out, they did. In 1285, a vast Mongol army again drove into the lands of the Hungarians. How would Hungary fair this time?

This video covers a little known moment in History, when the Christian Hungarians finally broke the deadliest foe the peoples of Europe ever faced, until our own even darker and more dangerous era.


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