How Stupid Do Dems Think Americans Really Are?

How Stupid Do Dems Think Americans Really Are?

Just how stupid do the Democrats think the American people really are? Judging by their ridiculous new Impeachment move, the answer has to be "very".

Just look at it: Hillary does something dumb and insiders at the DNC leak documents.  What do the Dems do?  Invent the entire Russiagate charade. This time around: The Bidens do something dumb and somebody finds out.  What do the Dems do? 

Invent a brand new “Ukrainegate“!

Exact same trick.  Twice! And not a hint even of acknowledgement that the Russiagate allegations ended up TOTALLY discredited.

And since chances are that the Senate will never impeach Trump, the real reason they are now talking about impeachment is just to help Biden and his campaign.  In other words, the Dems are doing exactly what they are accusing Trump of doing:

they are trying to use a foreign power to interfere in US elections.

They clearly don’t care that forcing the President to release his conversations with foreign officials will make it hard in the future for foreign officials to be candid when they speak to the US President (even if he/she is a Dem!).

As for "persecuting whistleblowers" - ask Obama (or the Clinton crime syndicate) all about that!

The only good thing about the Dems' blatant abuse of the impeachment failsafe is that it will build support for President Trump.

And while The Donald is very, very far from perfect, he is nothing like as bad as any other likely choice (with the possible exception of Gaby Tulsard).