Huge Fiddling of Climate Stats Exposed

Huge Fiddling of Climate Stats Exposed

The 'climate' alarmists have been caught out making massive 'adjustments' to the historic data on global temperatures. In plain English: The civilisation-wrecking 'Net Zero' drive is being imposed on us all on the back of statistical LIES!

Massive retrospective alterations have been made to surface air temperatures by GISS, one of the main global databases run by the U.S. space agency NASA. Professor Ole Humlum has discovered that in the period January 1915 to January 2000, GISS changed past warming from 0.45°C  to 0.67°C. This was a massive increase of 49%, which meant that almost half of the apparent warming in most of the 20th century was due to administrative changes made years after the initial measurements. On such evidence is the need for a global Net Zero collectivisation being promoted.

In his recently published 2023 climate report, Humlum notes that clearly such adjustments are important when evaluating the overall quality of the various temperature records. But such ‘evaluation’ is entirely missing from most mainstream media and science. It would seem they are afraid to question organisations such as the U.K. Met Office which collect corrupted data from unsuitable monitoring sites and regularly adjust the records on a retrospective basis. The lack of investigative inquiry points to the central role that temperatures play in terrifying populations to accept the appalling lifestyle changes needed to achieve Net Zero in less than 30 years.

If the adjustments showed rises and falls spread evenly throughout the record, suspicions about the practice would be considerably less. But almost invariably the changes cool a past period and warm the subsequent record to the present day.

The massive adjustments made can be clearly seen with overall changes between –0.2°C to +0.2°C. Massive cooling has been forced into the record from around 1900 up to the 1970s and substantial heating added over the last 50 years. GISS is not alone in adjusting its database in this fashion. ‘Hockey sticks’ tend to rule in the world of climate science activism. The Met Office runs a similar global collection called HadCRUT, and in the last decade it has made two substantial revisions adding around 30% extra warming to the recent record. In doing so it removed an inconvenient temperature pause from around 2000 to 2012, a pause still visible in the satellite record.

Emeritus Professor Ole Humlum is a distinguished physical geographer and his annual climate report is a welcome antidote to the politicised and biased narrative found in the mainstream. He notes that the complex climate has remained in a quasi-stable condition within certain limits for millions of years. “Modern observations show that this normal behaviour is also characterising recent years, including 2023, and there is no observational evidence for any global climate crisis.” Believing that one minor constituent of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, controls nearly all aspects of climate is “naïve and entirely unrealistic”, he adds.