Intell Chief Hits Out At Social Media Spying

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Intell Chief Hits Out At Social Media Spying

Internet giants know more about the general public than ‘any intelligence agency ever could or should’, according to a former director of GCHQ.

David Omand said people’s personal information was ‘monetised’ and became ‘feedstock’ for political campaigning.

He said: ‘This is truly dangerous. It is a major threat to democracy and it is uncontrolled.’

Mr Omand, speaking to international security expert Richard Aldrich at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, said: ‘The big revelation over the last couple of years has not been about government intelligence agencies – it has been about the private sector.

It’s the fact that the internet companies know more about me, you, Richard, everyone in the hall, than any intelligence agency ever could or should know.’

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