Ireland's Hidden Grooming gangs Scandal

Ireland's Hidden Grooming gangs Scandal

“There have been many stories that we’ve heard about gangs of men who are exploiting these children under the care of Tusla in these hotels, or [they] take them out of the hotels for the purpose of sexual exploitation.” UCD Report.

Is Ireland suffering an English-style hidden sexual grooming scandal? Has 'Rotherham' arrived on the emerald Isle? And is the National Child Protection Agency, Tusla, failing in its duty to protect Irish children?

A new UCD report suggests that Tusla is facilitating a new phenomenon in child sexual exploitation in Ireland: Foreign grooming gangs.

The study explains how the grooming gangs befriend young Irish girls in care on the pretence of being their boyfriends. They are then fed a cocktail of drugs and alcohol and sexually exploited. Girls are taken from Tusla facilities straight to hotel rooms where they are abused and gang raped.

The report documents 27 reports of child abuse last year among the 500 children in Tusla care. Child protection officials are apparently reluctant to intervene against this recent phenomenon of organised gangs preying on girls in state care. Why so shy?

While not mentioning the racial characteristics of the perpetrators directly, the 85-page report outlines the trademark characteristics all too familiar to the practice of Muslim (overwhelmingly Pakistani) grooming gangs active across Britain.

Coming on the back of multiple rape trials involving Pakistani nationals attempting to rape and abduct Irish women, one can be forgiven for reading in between the lines on what the PC report doesn’t say.

The Irish state has a long-standing and shameful reputation for failing to protect children from home-grown homosexual predators in the liberal Catholic church. Now it seems to be turning a blind eye to abuse by foreign gangs. Both are equally unacceptable.