Irish Catholic Church Punishes Priest for Pro-Life Stance

The vote in Ireland to repeal the 8th Amendment left pro-life people, and specifically members of the Catholic Church around the world, stunned.

Ireland had long been a pro-life nation that valued its women and unborn children, but the referendum result paved the way for legislation to legalize abortion when it removed its Eighth Amendment protections for babies before birth

Joining the rest of Europe, long suffering from demographic collapse, Ireland will soon begin the process of liquidating the future heirs of the Irish nation.

But even the Catholic church hierarchy is cracking down on dissident Priests that dare to speak out against the referendum result and the abortion enablers.

Father James E. Larkin is a priest in the archdiocese of Dublin, headed by Abp. Diarmuid Martin. Formerly of the parish of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Clonskeagh.

After the referendum, he asked the congregation to consider going to confession if they had voted ‘Yes’, but Larkin was unexpectedly reassigned last week to a chaplaincy with the Sisters of Loreto in Rathfarnham.

He is to have no public Masses and to have no contact with his old parish or parishioners.”

Sources say the backlash against Fr. Larkin’s pro-life advocacy is what led to the change in assignment.  Fr. Larkin spoke against the results of Ireland’s abortion referendum, in which Irish voters in May voted to legalize abortion, rejecting the constitutional right to life of the unborn in Ireland’s Eighth Amendment.

Fr. Larkin warned that voting in favor of legalized child killing is a grave sin and that repentance and confession are needed for anyone who voted for abortion.

The Church, long the bedrock of Irish society, is turning its back on its faithful followers, and conforming to the liberal ideology that now has Ireland in its death grip. Its priests, the few that hold true to the old truths, are punished for upholding Church doctrine on one of the most contentious issues in the Western world: the right to life of the Unborn.


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