Islamists Hired, Patriots Fired

Islamists Hired, Patriots Fired

Patriots are being demonised as ‘right-wing extremists’ even as efforts are being made to recruit large numbers of highly religious Muslims. The British Army has been ‘captured’ by the same liberal PC elite as all the other key sectors of a once great and sane nation. Britain is in deep, deep trouble!


The leaflet, made in 2017, is titled ‘Extreme Right Wing (XRW) Indicators & Warnings’ – and advises senior army staff to look out for people who ‘use the term Islamofacism’ [sic] and call people who challenge their ‘XRW’ views ‘indoctrinated’.

The document, which an MoD spokesperson confirmed to MailOnline is genuine, was leaked online, sparking threads on several social media platforms such as Reddit.

 Speaking of an ‘impending racial conflict or “race war”‘ and making generali’sations about Muslims and Jews are also warning signs, the leaflet states.

Officers are told to look out for individuals who discuss the creation of ‘white only communities’ and ‘become increasingly angry at perceived injustices or threats to so called national identity’.

The Army’s most senior soldier, Sergeant Major Glenn Haughton, had previously posted a social media video which said: ‘If you’re a serving soldier or a would-be soldier, and you hold these intolerant and extremist views, as far as I’m concerned, there is no place for you in the British Army – so get out.’

The leaflet was designed to ‘educate Chains of Command on the indicators and warnings of personnel who may harbour extremist views’, and was said to highlight ‘several indicators and warnings, the demonstration of a significant number of which could be associated with someone with extreme right-wing views’.