It is now or never for Sweden

As Sweden goes to the polls this Sunday, the left is in turmoil as the prospect of a Patriotic Sweden Democrat party entering Parliament as a member of the Government becomes a very real possibility.

One the other hand, the Country’s largest party, The Social Democrats, is on the verge of an electoral disaster, with their shares of votes expected to diminish significantly, although they will remain the largest party in the nation.

The Local:

A Skop institute poll published on Sunday, a week before the election, credited the Social Democrats with 23.8 percent of support, compared with 31 percent in the 2014 election; SD with 20 percent, up from 13 percent in 2014; and the Moderates with 17 percent, down from 23 percent.

Sweden has seen an explosion in crime, an increase in terror-related incidences, the most infamous being the attack in 2015, and holds the unwanted title as “the rape capital of Europe.”

And the establishments refusal to recognize the discontent among Sweden’s Citizens is leading them down the conspiratorial route.


Twitter bots supporting the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have almost doubled in the past month ahead of the Swedish election, according to a government agency.

A study of 571,719 tweets sent during March to August showed the number of accounts with automated behavior "increased significantly" in recent weeks, the Swedish defense research agency said.

The bots were 40% more likely to express support for the Sweden Democrats than genuine accounts, according to the agency. The ruling Social Democrats received the most criticism from the bots, but also came under fire from genuine accounts.

That many Swedes are unhappy with the Government and are opting instead for a Patriotic and Conservative alternative to its globalist policies is unfathomable to the establishment in Sweden and the West.

In their minds, only bots, or outside saboteurs could be opposed to their globalist agenda. Next, they'll be blaming Russian hackers...

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