Judge Throw Christianity OUT of Schools

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Judge Throw Christianity OUT of Schools

A High Court judge has decided it is unlawful to have Christian-focused RE lessons and assemblies in primary schools in Northern Ireland.

Mr Justice Colton ruled the curriculum breaches human rights as it does not approach religious education in an ‘objective, critical and pluralist manner’.

The legal action was brought by the non-religious parents of a seven-year-old schoolgirl in Belfast, with backing from the usual 'secular' (aka atheistic) liberals.

The only good thing about this disgraceful ruling is that it will help make good people on both sides of the old religions divide more aware of the fact that, as Christians, they have far more in common than with the atheists who dominate 'modern' society. Protestants and Catholics need to work together to defend the rights of all Christians and the welfare of their families.

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