Keep Our Boys & Girls OUT of Foreign Wars

Keep Our Boys & Girls OUT of Foreign Wars

The elite are hell-bent on dragging us all into war. As part of this truly wicked effort, they are pushing hard for conscription. The UK, USA, Australia and other countries are all hearing more and more high-placed warmongers pushing for new laws allowing them to introduce compulsory military service.

They've run out of Ukrainians to get killed, so now they plan to come for us, and our sons and daughters. The only way to stop the elite's Gadarene rush to war is if We The People make it crystal clear that, this time, we're wise to their lies, atrocity stories and promises of 'a land fit for heroes' for the survivors of their next planned bloodbath.

So the Templars are launching an anti-conscription drive, starting with an emergecy print run of a hard-hitting leaflet, designed for use anywhere and everywhere in the English-speaking world.

Watch the video and start getting ready to help tell the elite psychopaths: You fight your own bloody war. Get your filthy.bloodstained hands off our sons and daughters!