Kights Templar Castle: San Servando, Spain

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Kights Templar Castle: San Servando, Spain

San Servando Castle, locally known as Castillo de San Servando, lies on a hill opposite the city of Toledo, in the province of Toledo in Spain.

In 1085 Toledo was conquered by the Christian army of King Alfonso VI of Castile. He rebuilt the structure into a fortified monastery and, in 1088, donated it to the French Abbey of St. Victor in Marseille. In 1110 this monastery was destroyed during an attack by the Almoravids.

Later that century the ruined complex was donated to the Knights Templar by King Alfonso VIII of Castile in order to protect the Puente de Alcántara – an important bridge spanning the Tagus river that was considered the main point of attack should the Moors make an attempt to recapture central Spain.

When the threat of a Muslim invasion faded away, and with the Templar dissolution of 1312, the castle’s importance dwindled and it eventually fell into disrepair.

In the 19th century San Servando Castle was nothing more than a picturesque ruin. In the 1950's the castle was restored to its present appearance.

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