KTI Permanently Banned from Facebook

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KTI Permanently Banned from Facebook

Today, The Knights Templar International were informed that we are to be permanently banned and declared a "dangerous organisation" by Facebook.

Guest presenter of Templar Report Jim Dowson was described by Facebook as a "dangerous individual" and is no longer allowed to operate a Facebook account.

The ban, which came into effect at midday today, extends to groups and individuals deemed by Facebook to be "hate organisations."

The move was welcomed by a number of far-left organisations and the Labour MP Yvette Cooper, chair of the home affairs select committee, called our ban “long overdue”.

In a statement, from The Knights Templar International to The Guardian, our spokesman said: “Facebook has deemed our Christian organisation as dangerous and de-platformed us despite never being charged, let alone found guilty of any crime whatsoever. “This is a development that would have made the Soviets blush. Who is next?”

PLEASE NOT: Anyone posting content that “expresses praise or support” for the Knights Templar International will also be banned! .

We are entering dangerous times. For now, they are targeting our social media presence but soon they will come for us personally. We will NEVER give in to the establishment's persecution. 

We will explore all avenues including petitioning the Human Rights Commission to take up our case against this is an outright attack on our liberties, freedom of expression and Christian ethos.

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