Outrageous Parish Erects Nativity Scene with Lesbian Virgin Mary

Outrageous Parish Erects Nativity Scene with Lesbian Virgin Mary

A Catholic parish in southern Italy has exhibited a Nativity scene featuring the Virgin Mary together with another woman in place of Joseph.

Father Vitaliano Della Sala, the pastor of the parish of Saints Peter and Paul in the southern province of Avellino, said he created the provocative crèche scene to underscore the changing shape of families and the need for a more inclusive Church.

I placed “two mothers in the crèche,” Father Della Sala wrote on Facebook. “This year I see the light of Christmas also shining on these families affected by inhuman and anti-evangelical criticism and condemnation.”

There are “so many ways of being a family” because “nothing is impossible with God!” he said.

The decision to give Jesus two mothers drew sharp reactions from Catholics in Italy, including from Father Maurizio Patriciello, a pastor from the neighboring province of Naples, who called on Father Della Sala to apologize and put Saint Joseph back “in his place” to which he is entitled “by right.”

In Father Della Sala’s Facebook post, he lamented “the contempt for ‘rainbow families’ and their condemnation, even on the part of sectors of the Catholic Church, without a serious and honest discussion and confrontation.”

“Exclusion has traced a red trail of blood and pain throughout history,” he declared.

“The very logic of inclusiveness is the future of the Church,” he stated, “a Church that does not marginalize, does not use the heavy axe of judgment against anyone.”

Father Della Sala’s post came just a day after the Vatican authorized priests for the first time to bless gay couples under certain circumstances.