LGBTQ+ Bigots Want To Jail Mother Of Five

LGBTQ+ Bigots Want To Jail Mother Of Five

The LGBTQ+ lobby continues its campaign of intimidation against anyone who questions their growing tyranny.

On the 15th of October, traditionalist campaigner and mother of five, Caroline Farrow, had to appear in a court of law to defend her right to freedom of expression and to protect children from the radical transgender ideology.

At this court session, a transgender man calling himself Stephanie Hayden argued that petitions and online articles calling for support for Caroline were themselves a further reason to put her in prison. Hayden had already demanded that the staunch Christian be punished for ‘misgendering’ him.

Rather than throwing out this ludicrous and spiteful nonsense, the Judge told Caroline that she must return to court in January. So the strain and worry of the court case and threat of prison will be hanging over Caroline and her young family all over Christmas.

In the meantime, LGBTQ+ bigots continue to bully Caroline on social media, harassing her and insisting she deserves to go to prison.