Liberal Vatican Suffers Donations Collapse

Liberal Vatican Suffers Donations Collapse

In 2006, the Catholic Church took in $112.7 million dollars. Today, donations have plummeted to about half, at $56.9 million.  At this rate, the Vatican will be forced to default by 2023, according to some financial analysts.

New documents also expose hare-brained mismanagement using money earmarked for charity. 77% of money in the Peter's Pence charity fund is in the hands of international investment bank Credit Suisse, which is using some of it to gamble in high-risk ventures and get-rich-quick schemes.

While there is a small yet influential movement trying to assert Catholic social teaching as the foundation for conservatism against liberalism and modernity, Vatican high command has made it clear that they want nothing to do with it.

Antonio Spadaro, Pope Francis' top advisor, wrote a scathing editorial in the Vatican's official newspaper fiercely condemning any unity between Protestants and Catholics in the interest of opposing gay marriage, abortion or asserting the need for moral guidance over liberal demo-plutocracy.

The Pope recommended Spadaro's piece when he mocked traditionalist Catholics as nostalgic and hateful fools last September.