Liberals Push to Keep Killing Kenyan Babies

Liberals Push to Keep Killing Kenyan Babies

Liberals always pose as the great lovers and defenders of black people, but the reality is often very different. In 2018, Marie Stopes, an international company running abortion clinics in different parts of the world, were exposed illegally promoting abortion-on-demand services under the cover of “prenatal care” in Kenya.


If a pregnant woman called their clinics, staff immediately pushed her to get an abortion. Just as in America, 'Planned Parenthood' is not about parenthood at all, so providing prenatal care was clearly the furthest thing from their minds.

When police went to investigate a Marie Stopes clinic, they found underage girls lined up for abortifacient injections - yet another blatantly illegal act.

The Kenyan Medical Noard suspended Marie Stopes’ abortion activities in Kenya, condemning their social media advertisements as “erroneous and misleading,” and noting that their deceitful messages were targeted toward minors.

But instead of stopping their illegal actions, Marie Stopes is flouting the law and have started a legal procedure to try to silence pro-life campaigners.  They are trying to get a ban on leading pro-lifer Ann Kioko even mentioning their name in any public forum.

There is nothing new in this liberal hypocrisy. The founder of the abortion movement, Margaret Sanger, was a virulent racist and eugenicist who believed that black people are inferior and should be prevented from having children.