Lockdown Protest Christians Win $300,000

Lockdown Protest Christians Win $300,000

Three Christians have struck a big blow for freedom by winning a $300,000 settlement after being wrongly arrested for singing hymns during a protest against lockdown closures of churches.

The three men, who were arrested for an outdoor hymn protest during the COVID-19 pandemic, have come out ahead after their city agreed to a settlement to end the lawsuit.

Gabriel Rench and Sean and Rachel Bohnet had filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Moscow, Idaho and certain city employees after being arrested for singing hymns outside the City Hall in September 2020. The charges were related to violating masking and social distancing regulations imposed during the pandemic.

“Under the terms of the settlement agreement, ICRMP [Idaho Counties Risk Management Program] will pay a total settlement amount of $300,000 and all claims against the City and the named City employees will be dismissed with prejudice along with a release of all liability,” explained the city.

Rench, who is a member of Christ Church as well as a public relations consultant and conservative commentator, said that he is “glad this shameful saga is over” while lamenting the high cost of the litigation and settlement for taxpayers.

“The liberal cult that runs Moscow has twisted city code and crafted unconstitutional emergency health orders that act like modern Jim Crow laws targeted to harass members of our Christian community and this discrimination needs to stop.”