London 100 Years Ago – video shows how things have changed

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London 100 Years Ago – video shows how things have changed

A series of very early travel films, dating back to 1918, have been on YouTube for months, but have just been noticed by some of the UK mainstream press. Well, they usually catch up with things in the end!


The American tourist’s 100-year-old footage of the streets of London shows residents of the capital going about their business as the First World War draws to a close.

Among the sights, many of which were captured as a moving image for the very first time, are famous buildings such as the Houses of Parliament, Windsor Castle and Tower Bridge.

The video, which dates from 1918, was taken just months before the end of World War One by American traveller Elias Burton Holmes.

The archive footage shows a London hugely different from today. Virtually no cars, far more ancient buildings (many were destroyed just over 20 years later by Hitler’s bombs) and, of course, the only people on the streets are indigenous Brits. How times change!

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