Archbishop of York claims Lord's Prayer is 'problematic'

Archbishop of York claims Lord's Prayer is 'problematic'

The opening words of the Lord’s prayer, which have been recited by Christians for around 2,000 years, has been deemed divisive during a meeting of the Church of England’s ruling body.

The Lord’s prayer is “problematic” due to the “oppressively patriarchal” reference to “Our Father”, the Archbishop of York has suggested.

Stephen Cottrell, who succeeded John Sentamu at Bishopthorpe Palace in 2020, used the remainder of his speech before the General Synod to stress the need for unity.

The Archbishop of York said: “I know the word ‘father’ is problematic for those whose experience of earthly fathers has been destructive and abusive, and for all of us who have laboured rather too much from an oppressively patriarchal grip on life."

He later added: “We remain stubbornly unreconciled, appear complacent about division, and often also appear all too ready to divide again […] We have got used to disunity.

“We think it’s normal when in fact, it is a disgrace, an affront to Christ and all he came to give us.”