Lunatics Running the Nuclear Asylum

Lunatics Running the Nuclear Asylum

Every now and then, a single image sums up the spirit of a time. It may be heroic - such as the iconic photo of the flag raising at Iwo Jima. Or it might be deeply disturbing and speak of a time when common sense and decency have been trampled into the mud. 

The picture heading this article fits into the second category. Because the freak in question is not now safely in a home for the mentally ill, but is a major player in Joe Biden's nuclear safety industry.

The individual in question is one Sam Brinton. Back in2019, Brinton emerged as the head of advocacy and government affairs at the non-profit LGBTQ youth suicide prevention organization The Trevor Project.Identifying as gender-fluid, Brinton uses they and them pronouns.

So far, so mad, but it gets much worse. When not getting his genitals mutilated or having sex with whatever sort of partner takes 'their' fancy, Brinton 'are' also a nuclear engineer. And in January this year the Biden regime appointed these deeply disturbed individual as the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the US Office of Nuclear Energy.

And, of course, this utterly bizarre development is only a symptom of a far wider problem. Because putting this delusional freak in charge of vital and potentially dangerous part of the energy industry that underpins our entire society is not a one off. In this terminal phase of liberalism, a total inability to separate fact from fiction and reality from dogma seems to have become a key requirement for being given control of energy.

The dominant mindset among those making policy in this field now wants to end the use of internal combustion engines.  These activists-turned-policy makers say it is harmful to the environment even though great strides have been made to make them more environmentally friendly.  But do we have the science to replace that technology?  No!  They think electric cars are the answer.  They even insist that farm tractors and combines be electrified, even though such vehicles still don’t even exist.  The amount of electrical power needed to charge these vehicles in any quantity will cancel out any green benefit we may obtain.

They know that, even if they can be produced, the cost of EV vehicles will be much more than most farmers could afford…and that’s totally acceptable to them.  And they keep threatening us with the death of the planet if we don’t comply with their demands.

This is a level of unrealistic madness which far exceeds that which 'informed' the economic policies of the old Communists, the people who brought disaster and famine to vast swathes of the world in the darkest times of the last century. Now their ideological and spiritual descendants are doing the same to our world, but in ways which are going to be even more disastrous.

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