March in Kothen as ANOTHER German Murdered by Migrants

Two weeks on from the murder of German Daniel Hillig and the ensuing protest and clashes between Patriots, police and far-left radicals, another migrant murder has sent Germans to the streets.

The victim this time was a 22-year-old man, beaten by two men of Afghan origin in the small town of Kothen.

The Daily Mail:

Two Afghans, aged 18 and 20, have now been detained following the second man's death last night.

The police and the public prosecutor's office said: 'Two Afghans were provisionally detained on suspicion of homicide.

'The reasons for, and concrete circumstances of, the incident are not yet known.'  

At dusk in Koethen, both far-right and left-wing protesters began assembling to demonstrate.

A vigil and mourning march for the 22-year-old, named by local media as Markus B, also took place at the site of the brawl today.

"Far-right" according to the Daily Mail; not Patriots and ordinary people concerned for the safety of themselves, their loved ones and the future of their nation.

As the situation develops, rest assured, it will not be too long before the “lying press” saturates the airwaves with a torrent o fake news to pacify the population and demonize the protesters; just like Chemnitz…


There are “good reasons to believe” that video footage of extremists hunting foreigners in Chemnitz are fake news, according to Germany’s domestic intelligence chief, undermining Angela Merkel’s insistence that protests against killer migrants were marked by “hate and… the persecution of innocent people”.

“I share the scepticism towards media reports of right-wing extremists chasing down [foreigners] in Chemnitz,” Hans-Georg Maassen told the Bild newspaper on Friday, expressing doubt over the authenticity of a widely-reported video purporting to show Germans ‘hunting’ foreigners.

“Based on my cautious assessment, there are good reasons to believe that this was intentional false information, possibly to detract attention from the murder in Chemnitz” of a German-Cuban allegedly by two asylum seekers, Maassen said.

In front of 2,500 people on Sunday, David Koeckert, a leading figure in the anti-Jihad group Thuegida, warned protesters of the "slaughter of the German people."

"This is war and can be described as such. A race war against the German people. Do you want to remain bleating sheep or do you want to become wolves and shred them?"

As the rhetoric heats up driving Germans to the streets to draw attention to the migrant killings of Germans and resist the Islamization of Germany, Merkel’s position becomes even more precarious.

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