You'll Eat Bugs and Be Happy!

You'll Eat Bugs and Be Happy!

Researchers are planning to feed bugs like house crickets and mealworms to children between the ages of five and 11 from four primary schools in Wales. They are also planning to serve up 'bolognese' made from insect and plant protein, and potentially encourage them and their parents to move away from meat.

The project, led by academics from Cardiff University and the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), will also involve surveying the primary school children to find out their attitudes to environmental issues and how they translate into views on the food they eat.

From this they wish to find the best way of educating the younger generation and their families on the environmental and nutritional benefits of edible insects, and in turn cut global meat consumption.As part of the research, they hope to offer food products containing crickets and mealworms to try.

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This includes a product called VEXo, which combines insect- and plant-based proteins and is designed to look like 'conventional' mince, which will be prepared in the style of a bolognese.

The children will also be tasting a range of plant-based products that are already widely available on UK supermarket shelves – such as pea-based and soya-based meat alternatives. 

Edible insects are increasingly being sold across the EU and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is currently assessing house crickets for human consumption, with mealworms likely to be submitted soon.

The EU introduced food regulations classing insects as a 'novel food' two years ago, meaning they had to undergo new safety checks before being approved by the FSA.

This was not changed when the UK left the EU, however the FSA is expected to allow edible insects to be traded in supermarkets and retailers temporarily in June, with full approval anticipated next year.