University midwife students taught to care for men giving birth 'through their penis'

University midwife students taught to care for men giving birth 'through their penis'

A British university is teaching its midwifery students how to care for males giving birth.

Feminism news website Reduxx revealed teaching materials from Edinburgh Napier University which state the person giving birth may still have "external male genitalia" after transitioning.

The teaching resource, which were obtained from students by the feminist website Reduxx, stated: “It is important to note that while most times the birthing person will have female genitalia, you may be caring for a pregnant or birthing person who is transitioning from male to female and may still have external male genitalia.”

The manual went on to instruct the midwifery students that they should be familiar with how to use catheters for “both female and male anatomy”. It added that because, they claimed, both men and women can give birth, it would be referring to those in labour as a “birthing person”.

The website noted that while the university later amended the instructions to “female to male” transgender patients instead of “male to female”, all the references to how to handle the penis and other parts of the male anatomy such as the prostate gland remained in the text.

It also inserted a section explaining that female to male transgender patients may have to give birth through an artificially constructed “penis”.

Edinburgh Napier University spokesman said it aims to be inclusive for people in the LGBTQ+ communities and will update teacher materials where required.