Merkel’s Replacement – ASTOUNDING Difference!

Merkel’s Replacement – ASTOUNDING Difference!

With Germany’s disastrously pro-migration leader Angela Merkel heading for the exit, the ruling CDU party yesterday chose her replacement. And there’s one stunning difference, which bucks a very bad trend among Europe’s most powerful politicians. 


Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is another ‘middle of the road’ liberal like Merkel, so realistically no-one should expect any meaningful policy changes, but at least she is married – and to a man at that! Even better, she has three children. This is a refreshing and healthy change from the European norm.

The majority of Europe’s leaders being childless not only symbolizes the death of Europe, but it demonstrates how leaders, having no hope for the future, have set the stage for a Muslim takeover, said commentator Mark Steyn in a recent video.

“The European political class is barren. In a sense, it exemplifies the barrenness of the general population, which is true in Western Europe,” he said.

Apart from the shortly to take over German mother, the leaders of Western Europe’s major countries are all childless.

This includes:

  • Germany’s Angela Merkel
  • France’s Emmanuel Macron
  • Britain’s Theresa May
  • Italy’s Paolo Gentilon
  • Holland’s Mark Rutte
  • Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon
  • Sweden’s Stefan Lofven
  • Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel (a homosexual)
  • Switzerland’s Simonetta Sommaruga
  • Ireland’s Leo Varadkar (a homosexual)

“The leaders of Europe’s biggest economies, and all the European members of the G7, in fact, are childless,” said Steyn.

“That would’ve been not only statistically improbable, but all but impossible for most of human history.”