US border sees nearly 10,000 migrant crossings PER DAY in December

US border sees nearly 10,000 migrant crossings PER DAY in December

Border officials reported the highest number of migrant crossings ever, with a seven-day average of more than 9,600 in December, a Homeland Security official has said.

The record-smashing figure is the average across the entire southern border of the country. In November, the figure sat at 6,800 - meaning the southern border has seen an influx of 3,000 more arrivals per day as migrants continue to pour through the border.

Thousands more are set to arrive in the coming days in the form of a massive migrant caravan making its way through Mexico to the southern border. Video and photos show the massive march with families carrying large crosses and their possessions as the trek to the US.

One activist has warned the caravan could total 15,000 people by the time it reaches the US.

The recent surge at the border has been fueled by thousands of migrants showing up across the border in never-before-seen numbers, but specifically in three hot spots.

The tiny outpost of Lukeville, Arizona, is the epicenter of the border crisis-- and saw nearly 20,000 migrants illegally make entry in just one week. Eagle Pass, Texas and Tijuana, Mexico, just south of San Diego, are the two other busiest places on the border.

Eagle Pass saw at least 18,853 migrants last week, according to the US Border Patrol.

The US has been seeing historic numbers of migrants since 2021.

More migrants could be making their way to the border as part of the caravan currently moving through Mexico. The caravan was estimated at 6,000 to 8,000 people but could soon double in size.

Migrants' rights activist Luis Garcia Villagran is with the group and warned it might be 15,000 people by the time it reaches the border, according to the New York Post.

'We won’t stop — we’ll keep walking,’' he said.

Border officials also await the arrival of the caravan.

'We know they're coming, but we just don't know how it's going to split,' one Border Patrol official said.

US immigration officials believe it's possible the group could split up as it moves through Mexico.

'It's likely you won't see the whole caravan crossing at the same place. Some could go to Eagle Pass, while others could end up in El Paso. It just depends.'

Even 1,000 or more migrants crossing in one location has the ability to collapse resources in one area, local officials bracing for the worst have said.