Mind-Boggling Figures of the Neo-Cons Forever War

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Mind-Boggling Figures of the Neo-Cons Forever War

The decision to stop throwing money and lives down the bottomless rat-hole that is Afghanistan was one of the very best things done by Donald Trump. Joe Biden's great fault was not in confirming the decision, it was the utterly shambolic way he did it - particularly leaving such vast amounts of sophisticated military equipment to the former enemy.

The important thing now is to spread awareness of the fact that the neocon warmongers and military-industrial complex criminals who dragged America and Britain into the 20-year no-win war in Afghanistan are now trying to lure us into a fresh wave of 'forever wars', this time primarily aimed at forcing Russia, Iran and China to become as enthusiastic about 'LGBTQ rights' as the decadent and sinful liberal West.

Here's a useful tool. In the image below, you can see 1,000 circles. One of them is blue and 999 of them are red:


1,000 circles, one blue, 999 red
1,000 circles, one blue, 999 red

If you imagine that the blue circle is $1, then all the circles together are $1,000. If the blue circle is $1,000, then all the circles are $1,000,000—a million dollars. And if the blue circle is a million dollars, all the circles are a billion dollars. Now do it one more time: if the blue circle is a billion dollars, all the circles together are a trillion dollars.

Is your mind boggled? Mine certainly is when I look at that image and run through that reasoning. As one to a thousand, a thousand to million and a million to billion, so billion to trillion. And $2.31 trillion is one estimate of how much the neo-cons have wasted turning Afghanistan from a Third-World hell-hole controlled by a poorly-equipped and media-clueless Taliban into a Third-World hell-hole controlled by a well-equipped and media-savvy Taliban. 

Remember this when one of their online shills next pops up arguing that 'we' should 'confront our enemies' and expend even more blood and treasure in pursuit of the new liberal elite drive to 'make the world safe for Sodomy'. Not in our name!



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